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Current Programme for Aberdeen:

The Programme includes the weekly gospel readings:
Trinity, Passion Tide, Holy Week and Easter

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Who is Christ?

Why is this God-Being relevant for humans?

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“The Act of Consecration of Man”
Everybody is warmly welcome to fully take part.
We aim to experience the strong meditative and renewing power of meeting Christ during The Act of Consecration of Man, which includes an open communion and a sermon, and is for young people of the age of 14 years upwards and adults. Through the formal ‘ritual’, facilitated by the priest, it aids the experience and the orientating towards Christ, the being of love, light and evolution.
10:20 for prompt 10:30 start

If you are new, best is always to simply come along, arrive a bit earlier and have a chat with the priest and then experience the service, or call a priest for a chat – see Contact the Priest for details.
Note: There are no religious preconditions to fully take part, and you are welcome to take communion; e.g. you can be of any orientation and faith, you do not have to be a member of any church or religion, you do not need to be baptised or confirmed, etc.
Also, we will not want to make you a member of the church nor will try to ‘convert’ you. We want you to come and experience the health bringing and renewing power of Christ in your self during the service.

Shared snack-lunch:
For all participants of the Service including the Priest(s), with hot and cold drinks at approx. 11:30 till approx. 1:00p.m.

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To foster the spiritual life of our young ones, we warmly invite 7 to 14-year-olds with their parents.

The service is simple, beautiful, interactive and awakens the seeking-spirit in the child which is a much-needed skill when in adult life; to be able to seek higher spiritual guidance esp. during times of crisis and need.

We gather at 9:30 a.m. for preparation and story time – all family members are invited. The actual Service afterwards will take about 20 minutes.

Finish approx. 10:10

Other adults and children are welcome to sit in during the service, but not in the preparation and story time.
Please check if the Children Service is on before bringing children. Thank you!
9:30 till about 10:10 – includes story-time and practising of a song.

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Usually Friday before the Service 19:30 – 21:00
at (usually) Judith’s house at East Whyns in Findhorn
For more information, please contact: Martin mob: 07941 134 101

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Sacramental Consultation is by request and confidential. It is religious counselling for one’s life destiny, and supports individual efforts to find renewal and a new responsibility for one’s own life.
If you wish to book a Sacramental Consultation or want to discuss anything, please contact the priest of your choice to book.

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Rev. Willem Boonstoppel, his mobile number is:
07494-530 189 (Home: 01224 310055)
Rev. Lucienne van Bergenhenegouwen
, her mobile number is:
07928 945 224
(Home: 01224 310055)

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For more information, please call or email the local organiser, Martin: Tel: 01309-694 809 E-mail Martin:
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The Christian Community is part of an international movement for the renewal of religion, based on the New Testament, inspired by the original work of Rudolf Steiner, and fulfilled by independent research and insight of priests and members.

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Ordained priests, both men and women, work together with the members of the congregations to celebrate the seven sacraments:

  1. The Act of Consecration of Man (age 14 years upwards)
  2. Baptism for infants
  3. Confirmation for adolescents
  4. Sacramental Consultation for the individual
  5. Ordination of Priests
  6. Anointing for those approaching death
  7. Marriage sacrament.

Alongside the seven sacraments, there are:

  • • Services for Children (7-14 year old)
  • • Separate funeral services for adults and children
  • • Evening services for special occasions.

Recommended Reading

For in-depth information, please see “An Introduction” by Louise Madsen and The Eucharist by Rudolf Frieling

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The Fifth Gospel: From the Akashic Records
– by Rudolf Steiner
The 13 Fifth Gospel lectures by Rudolf Steiner describe events in the life of Jesus that are not recorded in the traditional four biblical Gospels.
They give a deeper insight about the Christ-Being, the Jesus events and the importance of the Mystery of Golgotha for humanity….

Read a summary here


Besides lots of practical help, which the members of the congregation usually fulfil, money is also needed – and we dream of having our own small church…
Details for Standing Orders, One-Off Donations & Gift Aid: download and print the PDF-file.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a bequest to the Christian Community in your will.

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