Who is Christ?

Why is this God-Being relevant for us humans?

Christ can be seen like a sunflower

Each of us is like a seed from that sunflower; a seed that has now fallen onto Earth with a chance to grow.
Christ is the ‘I AM’ in each of us. He gave us our ‘I AM’ self-awareness.

In our ‘I AM’ we are evolving, and we are free to develop into any direction we decide. We are free to choose, and our choices in life lead us to certain rewards and consequences.
Our core is love, and Christ is the teacher of love.
We can choose him as our guide as we wrestle with the adversary forces in us.
Christ brings evolution, love, healing and peace.
Through our community services and sacraments, we strengthen our inner connection to the Christ-being for our personal and community well-being and development.

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